In 1994, Giorgio Griscioli decided to return to production some land he had received from his father Vincenzo, a farmer and smallholder; property located in the municipality of Fara in Sabina. Added to this was some land from his father-in-law, Remo Raimondi, but this was located in the neighbouring municipality of Nerola. With a total of about 5 hectares, he was able to register the Giorgio Griscioli Small Agricultural Holding. He decided to concentrate his efforts on olive production. The land is well suited to this crop, as it is in the heart of the Sabina region, close to the ancient capital city of Cures. It took at least three years to “domesticate” the colossal olive trees at Bruciati and Strerparelle (in the municipality of Nerola, Rome). These were trees planted in the late 1800s by the Borgia family, and nothing short of monumental. The olive trees at Colle della Madonna and Castellana in the municipality of Fara were then put back into production. Storage, packaging and sales premises were created in buildings next to the house at Via Salaria Vecchia. Formerly used as warehouses and stores, they had to be renovated in line with regulations before everything was finally ready to produce Antiquum © Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Certified as Sabina PDO oil, it won the award for the best Lazio PDO oil the first time it entered the competition. Production has continued without interruption, and over the years we have experimented with various solutions. In this way we produced, almost by accident, the company’s first Promotional Monovariety, “Carboncella Assoluta”, which proved a major success and led to a mention in the Slow Food Guide in 2003. The following year, we began production of the second Monovariety oil, “Raja Assoluta”. In October 2011, George’s son, Massimo, a biologist involved for over 10 years in agricultural support and “Quality and Production Techniques Improvement” projects, took over his father’s business, creating the “Azienda Agricola La Ronca di Massimo Griscioli”. Of course, the indefatigable George continues to work at his side, as well as his brother Valentino (photographer, film maker, and graphic designer), who helps to develop the company’s image and marketing. The third generation is now coming forward.

Sabina is a historical and geographical region in central Italy, situated between Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo. Historically, Sabina was the land inhabited by the Sabines, a pre-Roman Indo-European people of Osco-Umbrian descent. The Sabine region is traversed by the ancient Via Salaria.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Name of oil
  • Olive Varieties
  • Average annual production
  • Organoleptic profile
  • Yellow gold, with green hues visible in newly pressed oil. Aroma: fruity. Taste: velvety, well-balanced, aromatic, bitter and sweet.
  • Recommended for gastronomic use
  • Thanks to its strength and consistency, Antiquum is a secret weapon next to the stove. Ideal for any type of preparation, and excellent with raw food. It will pleasantly surprise you when used for frying.
  • Average annual production

    Via Case Sparse • Località Borgo Quinzio • 02032 Fara in Sabina (RI)

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    Massimo Griscioli