Osco is the name of an ancient language spoken thousands of years ago in Sabina, land of the oldest olive trees in Europe. These gentle rolling hills have always produced excellent quality olive oil, even before the birth of Rome.
The Micheletta brothers were well aware of the great potential of this precious oil, which although exceptional was little known to the general public, especially outside Italy. In 2009, they took a gamble that could finally find a way to ensure Sabina oil was known and enjoyed abroad. The idea was to present Italy’s oldest olive oil to the international market with a modern, original look, involving some of the region’s top olive-growers in this project. Nowadays, Osco is sold by some of the top American retailers, and is marketed in China as a luxury product.

Sabina is an enchanted and untouched region, north-east of Rome. It is a land of hills dotted with olive groves and oak woods, sheltered by the Apennines, and with many mediaeval villages, castles and monasteries.

When people abroad think of beautiful Italian countryside, they usually envisage Tuscany. Most of the world has yet to learn about this wonderful region just a few kilometres from Rome. Because of its extraordinary natural beauty, its unique character and its proximity to the eternal city, we like to say: “Sabina is cooler than Tuscany”.

Here in Sabina, you can find the oldest olive tree in Italy, a magnificent 2,700-year-old specimen known as The Big Olive Tree.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Name of oil
  • Olive Varieties
  • Average annual production
  • Not Available
  • System of Production
  • Not Available
  • Organoleptic profile
  • It has a yellow-green colour, a pleasant fruity aroma and a sweet, distinctive taste.

  • Recommended for gastronomic use
  • Its balanced flavour makes it a perfect addition to any dish, or indeed a main ingredient.

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